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  5. Google set to relax Android One rules

Google set to relax Android One rules

Google set to relax Android One rules

Google is set to change the rules surrounding its Android One programme for budget smartphones, after the search giant and its manufacturing partners struggled to sell devices in significant numbers.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Google will relax regulations about what tech specs manufacturing partners must use, meaning prices can be lowered accordingly.

This is especially important in emerging markets such as India, where Google was hoping Android One would enable it to wrest back control of its mobile platform from manufacturers who sold cheap Android phones with heavily modified software.

Often these devices did not use Google’s own apps and services and featured bloatware that negatively affected the user experience they offered.

However, low prices made them more attractive than Android One’s so–called 'pure' smartphones, which use the unadorned, fuss-free version of Android created by Google.

Google is said to be lining up a number of Android One devices for release over the next few months, although few are likely to ever reach the UK.



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