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O2 Store and Share: Five things you need to know about the free cloud storage scheme

O2 Store and Share: Five things you need to know about the free cloud storage scheme

Unless you’re feeling particularly flush, stumping up for a smartphone with 128GB storage is an expense many of us can do without.

And in these days when expandable storage via SD cards is slowly being eased out, that means relying on other ways to store and back up all the data we keep on our handsets.

Step forward O2's just launched Store and Share, a new cloud service with a tempting price tag and security at its heart.

But what exactly is it? And is it worth signing up for? Read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to know?

What is O2 Store and Share?

the cloud

O2 Store and Share is a cloud storage service. Essentially that means it's a remote server, looked after by O2, where you can remotely store and back up your photos, files, videos, music, contacts and whathaveyou.

So if something happens to your computer or smartphone or both, you'll still have copies and you won't have lost the lot.

It also means you can free up space on your phone for apps, new photos and videos and whatever else you use it for.

Think of O2 Store and Share as the network’s answer to the likes of Dropbox or Google Drive and you're pretty much spot-on.

How does it work?

Apple iPhone App Store

O2 Store and Share is available as an app from both Apple’s App Store and Google Play. O2 users can download it, fire it up and follow on screen instructions to upload files onto O2’s servers.

It’s simple and doesn’t require any techie knowledge to get to grips with.

How much does it cost?


O2 is making a big play of the fact that Store and Share is affordable. The first 8GB is free, which is enough space for around 2,000 photos from a top–end smartphone camera, or 1,600 songs.

For £2 a month, users can get access to 32GB storage, the equivalent of 8,000 images.

For those who can’t stop reeling off snaps and need as much space on their phone for apps, the unlimited package costs £5 a month. The cost is added to your monthly bill.

How does it stack up against its rivals?

dropbox pro

Dropbox Pro costs £11 a month for 1TB, although that is for five users and is aimed primarily at businesses. It offers 2.75GB for free, but you can earn more free space by referring friends and family, completing guides and linking Dropbox with your Mailbox account.

Google Drive offers a massive 15GB for free and then asks for $1.99 (about £1.30) per month for 100GB.

Microsoft’s OneDrive offers 5GB for free and charges the same per month for 100GB.

Apple’s iCloud offers 5GB free and then charges 79p a month for 50GB of space.

If you’re going to choose O2’s package, then the unlimited deal certainly seems like a no-brainer by comparison.

Why should I get it?

Cloud storage is becoming increasingly popular after a slow take-up among consumers initially.

Backing up data has always been essential from PCs, but with more of us using our smartphones as our primary devices, ensuring everything we have on them stays safe is vital too.

It also means you can buy a cheaper, less capacious smartphone and store your data in the cloud.

O2’s package is a great budget option and worth checking out if you’re an O2 customer.

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