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OnePlus offers USB–C cable refund

OnePlus offers USB–C cable refund

Indie mobile maker OnePlus has confirmed that it is offering a refund to anyone who bought the official USB–C charging cable for its new OnePlus 2 phone, after a Google engineer found out the lead was faulty.

Benson Leung discovered that if used on fast–charge mode to charge other USB–C compatible kit, the OnePlus cable could damage chargers, PCs or other kit you have plugged in.

OnePlus has owned up to the problem, saying that its cable doesn’t match up to the USB–C standard its supposed to in order to power up other devices.

However, it can be used to charge a OnePlus 2 without any issues. That means that the company is only offering refunds to those who bought the cable separately.

On its official website, OnePlus said, “Please note that cables that were included in the box with your OnePlus 2 are not eligible for a refund, since they are safe to use with the OnePlus 2.”

However, if you do have one, it’ll be worth remembering not to use it to charge a laptop or tablet any time in the future. Chances are any kit might not survive being plugged in.

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