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  5. iPhone 7: Apple opens secret screen tech lab

iPhone 7: Apple opens secret screen tech lab

iPhone 7: Apple opens secret screen tech lab

Apple has opened a secret lab in Taiwan, where it’s working on future display technology which could feature in next year’s iPhone 7.

A new report from Bloomberg claims that Apple opened the facility earlier this year and has been poaching staff from rival display tech firms in the area.

Sources say that the lab is working on making Apple kit ‘thinner, lighter, brighter and more energy efficient’. Apple has refused to comment, even though staff wearing Apple ID badges have been seen leaving the building.

The news fits in with previous rumours that Apple is looking to ditch the LCD tech currently found in its iPhones and move to OLED instead. Previous reports from Apple’s supply chain have suggested that the company was planning on asking Japan Display to make new iPhone screens, leaving partners like Samsung and LG out in the cold.

Now though, it seems that Apple may well be looking to develop its own display tech, which Bloomberg claims will allow it to outsource production to smaller, more affordable partners in Taiwan.

The iPhone 7 is expected to feature a brighter screen as part of an all–new design. The phone is expected to launch next autumn.

Source Bloomberg

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