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  5. iPhone 7 set to include futuristic Li–Fi tech

iPhone 7 set to include futuristic Li–Fi tech

iPhone 7 set to include futuristic Li–Fi tech

Apple is testing a futuristic new data transfer technology that uses light rather than radio waves to transfer data wirelessly, prompting speculation it could find its way into the forthcoming iPhone 7.

References to ‘Li–Fi Capability’ have been discovered in the code of Apple's iOS 9 software and point towards the company seriously considering the tech for inclusion in the next iPhone.

Li–Fi uses light to transfer data and has been billed as the successor to traditional Wi–Fi. It uses the light spectrum rather than radio waves to move data wirelessly.

Utilising specially designed bulbs which flash so fast its imperceptible to the human eye, Li–Fi is said to be able to transfer data far faster than normal Wi–Fi.

It could mean that in the future, your living room lamps could serve up the internet rather than your router.

Apple’s experiments with Li–Fi in the current version of iOS suggest it could either become a fixture in the iPhone 7, giving the device a real edge over rival handsets.

It also adds heft to claims that Apple is working on Li–Fi bulbs as part of its HomeKit network.

The much rumoured iPhone 7 is expected to launch in autumn with up to 256GB storage, an improved camera and all–new design.


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