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iPhone wireless charging set for 2017

iPhone wireless charging set for 2017

Apple could bring wireless charging to the iPhone as soon as 2017, according to a new report from Bloomberg.

‘People familiar with Apple’s plans’ have revealed that rather than using a charging plate to power up the smartphone, Cupertino is looking to extend the range of wireless charging.

This could mean utilising technology it’s developed itself, rather than relying on current wireless charging solutions.

One of the key barriers is that the further a phone is from a charging point, the longer it takes to charge. Apple is said to be looking to resolve this issue in time for its 2017 device.

Previous patent filings show that Apple is looking into using a Mac computer to allow iPhones in close proximity to charge up using a tech called near magnetic resonance. The other option could be to let radio waves pass through an iPhone’s aluminium frame.

Existing wireless charging features from Samsung and Sony have failed to catch on, despite the belief that there was a pent-up demand for powering smartphones without plugging them into the mains.

Such charging tech would give Apple an edge in the smartphone market at a time when it is facing increasing competition and is gearing up for the first decline in iPhone sales ever.

Apple refused to comment on the report.



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