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  5. giffgaff named best network in night for underdogs at uSwitch Awards

giffgaff named best network in night for underdogs at uSwitch Awards

giffgaff named best network in night for underdogs at uSwitch Awards

giffgaff overcame the odds to be the biggest winner at last night’s uSwitch Mobile Awards, on a evening when smaller networks consistently outdid much larger rivals.

The carrier, whose service is based on O2’s network infrastructure, picked up five awards, including the coveted Best Network gong, as well as Best for Data, Best for SIM only and Best Customer Service.

Tesco Mobile, another junior player compared with the likes of O2 and Vodafone, also scored highly, running giffgaff close for the Best Network award and securing three gongs of its own. Perhaps the pick of which is Best Pay as You Go Network.

That’s not to say big carriers didn’t carry the day in some key categories, though. Underscoring its head start with 4G in the UK and infrastructure investment, EE was named Fastest Network, while O2 got Best Network Coverage.

Category 1st 2nd 3rd
Network of the Year giffgaff Tesco Mobile Three
Best Pay Monthly Network Three Tesco Mobile O2
Best PAYG Network Tesco Mobile O2 Vodafone
Best SIM-only Network giffgaff Tesco Mobile Three
Best for Roaming Three O2 giffgaff
Best Customer Experience Virgin Media O2 Amazon
Best for Data giffgaff Three O2
Best Network Coverage O2 Three EE
Network Customer Service giffgaff O2 Three
Best Value Pay Monthly Tesco Mobile Three Virgin Media
Best Value SIM Only giffgaff Tesco Mobile Virgin Media
Fastest Mobile Network powered by RootMetrics EE Vodafone O2

Elsewhere, Three was voted Best Pay Monthly Networks and secured Best for Roaming for its Feel at Home offer. That meant that Vodafone was the only major carrier to go home empty-handed.

The awards for phone-makers were similarly unpredictable, with Samsung bucking industry trends to pip Apple for Manufacturer of the Year and nicking Phone of the Year for the Galaxy S6 Edge.

Ernest Doku, telecoms expert at, said: “Britain loves an underdog, and this really was a year when David well and truly trounced Goliath.

“Between them, the MVNOs took home more than a third of the trophies up for grabs on the night, while Samsung – often in Apple’s shadow – outshone the iPhone 6s with its Galaxy S6 Edge in the eyes of our distinguished judging panel.

“It’s clear the big four should never underestimate the little guys, who are unafraid to sacrifice margin for market share, and offer some of the most exciting and flexible deals for customers right now.

“It wasn’t all bad news for the industry behemoths though. Three and EE won two trophies, while O2 took home one, but Vodafone only managed runner up in two categories.”

Category 1st 2nd 3rd
Manufacturer of the Year Samsung Apple Sony
Phone of the Year Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Apple iPhone 6s Samsung Galaxy S6
Best Technology Innovation Motorola (shatterproof screen) Apple (Apple Pay) Sony (Sony Xperia Z5 Premium 4K screen)

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