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  5. iPhone set to work as full Apple TV remote

iPhone set to work as full Apple TV remote

iPhone set to work as full Apple TV remote

Apple is planning a major update to its Remote app which will see iPhones become fully functional controllers for the latest Apple TV set top box.

Speaking on Daring Fireball’s podcast, Apple execs Eddy Cue and Craig Federighi revealed that a forthcoming software update will allow users to use their iPhone to control their Apple TV via Siri and even use the smartphone as a games controller.

Until now, the Apple Remote app has been a pale imitation of the controller bundled with the new Apple TV.

While the remote itself can be used as a trackpad and has the ability to handle Siri commands, the Remote app for the iPhone still can’t handle such functionality.

In a rare case of Apple revealing its plans early, Cue said the new remote app "will have all the capabilities of the new Apple TV remote does, like Siri".

Full keyboard control and the ability to use it as a games controller should make the Apple TV far more appealing than it currently is.

Adding games support means scope for multiplayer faces–offs, meaning downloading games is now essential rather than a frivolous extra.



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