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Destinations on Google: new mobile travel tool revealed

Destinations on Google: new mobile travel tool revealed

Google has revealed a travel aggregation tool designed to work as part of its search apps for iOS and Android.

Destinations for Google is designed to offer smartphone users easy access to the best deals on flights and hotels in one place, as well as providing a string of savvy destination guides and itineraries.

The service, which is available now as part of the main Google app, as well as working on mobile browsers, pulls together some of Google’s existing travel functionality alongside a number of new features.

Users only need to enter the name of a country and then the word ‘destinations’ to see an instant list of cities and key tourist hotspots, with the cheapest prices for hotels and flights shown too.

Price graphs show the best time to go in terms of price and popularity, while you can book hotels and flights directly from search results, tweaking results depending on whether you want to fly non–stop or stay at a fancy or affordable hotel.

Google says this is designed to bring an end to having to open countless tabs when planning a holiday.

The search giant has also revealed a new itineraries function, under a special ‘Plan A trip’ tab, which offers everything from short walking trails in major cities to week–long trips around entire countries.

These are based on anonymised, aggregated data gathered from both Google Search and Maps.

Tap in a country or city name followed by the word ‘travel’ and Google will now also serve up complete country guides, with key information, weather details and how to get there all at a glance.

Google says that as 49% of all flight searches and 61% of destinations searches come from mobile, it has decided to make Destinations a mobile–only offering.

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