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  5. iOS 9.3 is Apple’s most stable software ever

iOS 9.3 is Apple’s most stable software ever

iOS 9.3 is Apple’s most stable software ever

iOS 9.3, Apple’s latest software update for its iPhones and iPads, is the company’s most stable release ever and crashes less than previous versions, it has been claimed. That's despite a slew of complaints about the upgrade causing devices to become stuck in activation mode, as well as crashing major apps.

App analytics company Apteligent has crunched numbers over the last week and found that iOS 9.3 has a crash rate of just 2.2%. The company found that older versions, including the recent iOS 9.1 and iOS 9.2 releases, a much more likely to stop apps working.

iOS 9.3 also compares well with Google’s Android 6.0 Marshmallow, which registered a rate of 2.6% crashes over the last seven days.

The news is particularly surprising what with Apple’s much publicised problems with the software since launch. It had to pull the update for older iPhones and iPads after users found that it was locking them out of their devices.

Another issue with its app linking software saw users unable to open Mail, Chrome or Safari. This glitch, however, appears to have originated within the app of hotel booking service

iOS 9.3 can be downloaded now for devices dating back to the iPhone 4s and iPad 2.


Apple Insider

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