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  5. iPads rendered inoperable after updating to iOS 9.3

iPads rendered inoperable after updating to iOS 9.3

iPads rendered inoperable after updating to iOS 9.3

iOS 9.3, Apple’s latest software update for iPhones and iPads, appears to be causing some users’ devices to stop working altogether when they attempt installation.

The issue seems to affect older iPads, specifically the iPad 2, with owners flocking to Apple’s official discussion boards to complain that their tablets have been ‘bricked’ - a tech fans' term for turning an expensive gadget into what amounts to a 'house brick'.

The majority of problems arise when iPad users try to activate the update after downloading it over Wi–Fi. Rather than working as normal, iOS 9.3 delivers an ‘authentication error’ message.

The upshot is that iPads are effectively stuck between versions of Apple's software and are rendered unusable.

Some users say that installing iOS 9.3 via a wired connection through iTunes forces their iPad to activate iOS 9.3. However, others have revealed that they have gone to their local Apple store, only to be told the issue cannot be fixed.

While Apple has not issued a statement, it may be that iPads running much older software trying to update to iOS 9.3 are the ones affected. If you’re concerned, check which version of iOS your iPad is currently running before updating.

iOS 9.3 adds a string of new features, including Night Shift, which switches the screen’s blue light to yellow when it gets dark, Touch ID–secure Notes and tweaks to the native News and Health apps.


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