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  5. iPhone 7 blueprints hint at new antenna design

iPhone 7 blueprints hint at new antenna design

iPhone 7 blueprints hint at new antenna design

The iPhone SE goes on sale on Friday, but already we've got some news on what to expect from the iPhone 7.

Images obtained by purport to show the handset in all its glory. If genuine, the main design change is on the back of the phone.

On the iPhone 6S, the antenna covers the top and bottom edge of the phone and crosses the width of the handset at both top and bottom. But on the iPhone 7 it will only cover the top and bottom edges, the image suggests.

iphone 7 nowhere

This will make for a cleaner, more minimalist look.

The hole for the rear camera also appears to be larger, which suggests Apple has crammed in some new imaging tech. Though exactly what is anyone's guess.

The site's source also claims the phone will be slimmer than the iPhone 6S thanks to the fact it won't have a 3.5mm headphone jack. This is supported by numerous other leaks.

Though if true, it could well annoy legions of iPhone fans the world over. There's already a pre-emptive petition asking Apple not to lose the port.

The iPhone 7 is expected to launch in September, six months after the iPhone SE.

With Apple's smaller, cheaper handset offering most of the software features of the iPhone 6S, the next-gen iPhone will have to offer something special to make it a tempting prospect.


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