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  5. LG G5: O2 reveals string of pre–order perks

LG G5: O2 reveals string of pre–order perks

LG G5: O2 reveals string of pre–order perks

O2 has revealed a suite of value-adding perks for customers who pre–order LG’s stunning new G5 smartphone.

If you pre-order the G5 between March 24th and April 7th, you’ll also get a set of B&O Play’s H3 headphones, worth £149.99, without having to pay any extra towards the cost of the device or line rental.

Order the phone between April 8th and April 27th, and you’ll get the new LG Cam Plus. Part of the new LG Friends accessories range, launched alongside the LG G5, this slick accessory plugs into the bottom of the handset and adds a zoom dial and hard shutter button, as well as having its own battery.

The LG Cam costs £69.95, but is free to those signing up to a new deal on O2.

What’s more, O2 has revealed that anyone signing up to the new 30GB a month package on its O2 Refresh programme will be able to chop in the LG G5 for a new device after 12 months at no extra cost.

The contract costs £48 a month for unlimited texts and calls, plus the aforementioned data bundle. A £79.99 up front fee is also applicable.

The LG G5 is the latest flagship phone from the Korean mobile maker, with a new metal design, 16 megapixel camera and the latest Google Android software.

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