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  5. Mocked-up iPhone 7 shows an edge-to-edge screen

Mocked-up iPhone 7 shows an edge-to-edge screen

Mocked-up iPhone 7 shows an edge-to-edge screen

A photo of what purports to be the iPhone 7 has leaked on Chinese social network Weibo, showing the handset with an edge-to-edge screen.

The photo is almost certainly fake. Certain areas are heavily pixellated, which suggests someone's gone to town on it in the PhotoShop photo editing software.

Nevertheless, it provides an interesting look at how the next iPhone could look.

Edge-to-edge screens have appeared on smartphones before, though never an Apple one. They give the illusion that the screen spans the entire width of the handset.

They don't really add any functionality to the phone, but they do look quite cool.

Losing the iPhone's side bezels would be a major design change for Apple. Previous leaks have purported to show only the back of the iPhone 7, so if this is genuine – and it's a big if – this could be the first look at the front of the handset.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo from KGI reckons Apple won't introduce a new design for the iPhone until 2017. He says that model will have a 5.8-inch screen and a chassis that's closer to the iPhone 4.

If he's correct, then the iPhone 7 will most probably look the same as the iPhone 6S, though maybe with a few minor cosmetic tweaks.

The iPhone 7 should launch in September. If Apple is planning an edge-to-edge screen, we're sure to hear more before then, so stay tuned to our iPhone 7 rumours round up.





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