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iPhone 7 not a ‘must have’, claims analyst

Apple watcher reckons major update is coming in 2017 instead.
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Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 7 will not be a ‘must have’ overhaul of the current iPhone 6s and will instead offer only minor changes from the current models.

That’s the word from Barclays analyst Mark Moskowitz, who told investors that his own research into Apple’s supply chain points towards a device that will look and feel similar to Apple’s existing smartphones.

Moskowitz’s remarks tie in with claims by other analysts and supply-chain sources that Apple is instead plotting a major reworking of its smartphone for 2017.

Recent reports suggested that Apple will include an OLED screen and glass design as part of next year’s refresh.

While Moskowitz hasn’t commented on any new specs for that device, he does say that he believes Apple will ditch the ‘s’ moniker in 2017, instead jumping straight from this year’s iPhone 7 to the iPhone 8. This will mark the end of Apple’s so–called ‘tick, tock’ upgrade strategy.

It is becoming increasingly likely that the iPhone 7, while ditching the standard 3.5mm headphone jack and adding a dual lens camera, will not offer anything like the headline changes seen in previous ‘tick’ years.

This could mean Apple is willing to see sales of its iPhone range stagnate before looking to go for broke in 2017.



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