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Android N: Google asks users for name suggestions

Nougat or Namey McNameface? You decide.
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Google has asked the public to name the next version of its Android operating system. Android N, which has been [available as a work-in-progress trial version]( for two months, was shown off in its latest form at Google’s I/O event last night.

Google has always used the names of confectionary and snacks for its operating system, but that all looks set to change with this latest version. The company has launched a dedicated website where you can leave your ideas.

While nougat and, yes, Namey McNameface have been floated, this isn’t a popular vote, rather an exercise in crowd sourcing ideas.

Google will choose the name it likes the most later this summer and title the OS accordingly.

The latest preview version of Android N is much more stable than previous builds and can even update itself without users having to download a tweaked version of the software.

This could set the OS apart when it officially launches later in the year.

Google hasn’t given a specific date for Android N’s release. However, it’s likely to launch only on the company’s Nexus devices at first.

Last year’s Android Marshmallow release is still only on 7.5% of Android phones and tablets.



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