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  5. iOS 9.3.2 causes glitches with latest iPad Pro models

iOS 9.3.2 causes glitches with latest iPad Pro models

Owners of recently released iPad say software update makes tablet unusable.
ipad pro 9.7 inch

Apple’s iOS 9 is once again in the headlines for all the wrong reasons, after iPad Pro owners complained that the latest version of the software has rendered their devices unusable.

The issue appears to only affect the latest, 9.7–inch edition of Apple's iPad Pro, which was launched to much fanfare in March.

Users have taken to social media and various Apple discussion forums to vent their frustration, saying they are receiving ‘Error 56’ messages just minutes after installing iOS 9.3.2.

This message tells users to plug their tablet into a Mac or PC to update via iTunes.

However, iPad Pro owners say that this method doesn’t work either, leaving their tablets ‘bricked’ and unable to even be switched on.

According to Apple’s website, Error 56 is said to relate to a hardware issue. The tech giant recommends attempting to restore affected devices via iTunes.

This latest problem is likely to once again shine a light on the stability of Apple’s iOS 9 releases, after a string of early failures led to both iPhones and iPads being bricked.

Source MacRumors

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