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iPhone: Apple to move to three year update cycle

Company set to ditch ‘tick tock’ upgrades.
iPhone detail camera back

Apple will reportedly switch its iPhone range to a three-year update cycle, ditching its so–called ‘tick tock’ upgrade strategy in the process.

Ever since the iPhone 3GS debuted in 2009, Apple has followed major updates to its flagship phone with a slightly modified version the next year.

However, a new report from Japan’s Nikkei suggests Apple could be lengthening its upgrade cycle from two to three years, in response to the fact that innovating is becoming more difficult in the smartphone hardware realm.

The plan fits neatly with the current swirl of rumours which suggest that this year’s iPhone 7 will offer only a minor upgrade on 2015’s iPhone 6s.

Further reports have pointed towards Apple developing a wholly redesigned iPhone for release in 2017, featuring a new glass chassis, OLED screen and DSLR–quality camera.

Nikkei cites the fact that the smartphone market is slowing down as a key reason behind Apple’s decision.

The change would affect component-makers in China and Japan badly. However, consumers may find that devices will be able to handle newer software for longer.

Apple’s iPhones already enjoy a long shelf life compared with rival Android smartphones made by Google’s manufacturing partners.



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