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  5. Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will have a USB Type-C port

Samsung Galaxy Note 6 will have a USB Type-C port

According to a new report.
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More and more Android phones are using USB Type-C, and now Samsung looks set to join the gang with the Galaxy Note 6.

The handset – which is due to be unveiled this summer – will feature the technology, according to a report from SamMobile.

The port allows the cable to be plugged in either way around, making it much easier to use. It also makes for faster charging and data transfers.

However, the site admits it doesn't know if it will be USB 3.1 or an older standard.

The shift to the new port was inevitable. But it could cause some headaches for Samsung. It will mean the new phablet won't be compatible with existing Samsung Gear VR headsets, which have microUSB connections.

Samsung could either release a new model of Gear VR, or launch an adapter. Neither of which is ideal.

The new Note handset usually launches at trade conference IFA in September, but last year Samsung announced the Note 5 early. We're expecting the Note 6 sometime between July and September.

Source: SamMobile

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