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  5. iPhone 7 will feature Force Touch home button

iPhone 7 will feature Force Touch home button

iphone 7 home button

Apple’s new iPhone 7 will not have a physical home button, instead coming with a Force Touch powered key which sits flush to the bottom of the device. That's according to sources speaking with analsyts at Cowen.

In practice, it is not hugely different from pushing down on the iPhone’s main button to get back to the home page of your smartphone.

But instead of actually pressing down on a physical component, users will be able to hold down their finger and feel the handset ‘click’.

This haptic feedback technology is already used in the Apple Watch and also forms the basis of the company’s 3D Touch tech, found in the iPhone 6s.

Apple appears to be making the switch for numerous reasons. Most importantly, ditching the physical button means that there are fewer components that can go wrong.

It also means the device could offer better waterproofing, with one fewer place for liquid to seep in and ruin internal parts.

The shift is also being seen as a precursor for next year’s iPhone, which is said to be an all–screen device, with the home button built into the display.

The iPhone 7 is due to launch at a special event in September.


Business Insider

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