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  5. iPhone 7 may not come with mute switch

iPhone 7 may not come with mute switch

Next iPhone won't have a physical button for turning sound on and off.
iphone 7 mute switch

Apple’s forthcoming iPhone 7 will not feature a mute switch, a leaked image suggests, with users instead having to rely on software to turn off the device’s ringer and other sounds.

The photo, which first surfaced on Chinese social media, shows the larger edition of Apple’s new range, the iPhone 7 Plus, without the aforementioned switch.

Until now there's been no sign that Apple planned to omit a physical button for silencing the phone. But it certainly makes sense in light of the company's plans to make its new handsets waterproof.

Cutting down on physical buttons means fewer places for liquid to enter the device.

Apple has long been rumoured to be planning to get rid of the physical home button with the iPhone 7.

In its place will be a similar-looking key which uses the company's Force Touch tech to register presses.

Removing the mute key from the iPhone 7 would bring Apple’s top–end iPhones in–line with its iPad range. Since the iPad Air 2, none of Apple’s tablets have featured a mute button.

It’s likely that users will be able to turn sound on and off by sliding up on their iPhone’s screen to open Control Centre, where a dedicated volume toggle will be placed.

Apple’s new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are set to launch at a special event in September.



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