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iPhone set to get iris scanning technology

Future versions of Apple smartphone could come with advanced security smarts.
iris scanner

Apple is working on an iPhone that will use iris scanning biometric technology, according to supply chain sources.

It comes as its key rival Samsung readies the same ultra secure tech for its new Galaxy Note 7, which is due for release on August 2nd.

Any iPhone with biometric capabilities will not be released until 2018, according to the sources, putting Apple well behind its competitors. However, it may be that Apple is using its tried and tested tactic of seeing how other companies fair with futuristic tech before deciding to include it in its own products.

Iris recognition is seen as a step up from fingerprint scanners when it comes to secure smartphone access. While it is difficult to copy a fingerprint, it’s impossible for hackers to access unique iris features.

Beyond security, including iris technology will also boost convenience, allowing users to unlock their smartphones by simply looking at them.

Early leaks of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 have shown off plans to place an iris scanner next to the handset’s front–facing camera. Whether Apple will make similar moves or try something more innovative remains to be seen.

Source Digitimes

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