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Android Nougat: new Google software designs revealed


Google is plotting a series of design tweaks to its Android operating system, with word on the web suggesting they could be in place for the launch of its new Nexus smartphones later this year.

The changes, revealed by specialist site Android Police, focus on a new ‘app drawer’ and tweaks to the homescreen search tool.

The revamped app drawer will mean that apps can be accessed by pulling up from the bottom of a Google smartphone.

A new ‘frosted’ section with five key apps simply needs to be pulled in order to reveal every add–on installed on the device.

Perhaps the biggest change, though, is to the Google search bar found at the top of all Android smartphones.

This has been replaced with a new, slide out ‘G button’ which lets you tap directly into Google’s search function. It looks much sleeker and makes the homescreen less cluttered.

Rumours suggest this ‘G button’ could also be used to tap directly into Google’s ‘Assistant’ voice tool.

If so, it would make that service a far stronger rival to Apple’s Siri.

Google is expected to unveil its Nexus smartphones in the autumn.

It now appears they will be the first to run Android Nougat, despite reports suggesting Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 would come with the software built in.


Android Police

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