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  5. Android Nougat will stop smartphones with viruses from turning on

Android Nougat will stop smartphones with viruses from turning on

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Google’s forthcoming Android Nougat software will prevent devices affected by viruses from turning on, as the tech giant steps up the battle against malware.

Instead of simply warning users that they may have an infected device, Android Nougat will strictly enforce so–called ‘boot checks’, which detect any changes to the software that powers the phone.

Although users with viruses will be barred from turning on the phone, they will still be able to use a limited use mode so that they can access essential data from their devices.

Only devices which ship with Android Nougat pre–loaded will have this new feature.

The first handset to come with the updated operating system is expected to be the new Samsung Galaxy Note 7, due to launch on August 2nd.

Those who customise their handsets are likely to be left annoyed at this change.

However, it’s likely to make Android much more secure following a string of high profile attacks which were made through apps downloaded via third party stores.

Google has yet to confirm when Android Nougat will move from its current beta testing state to being fully available for users.

With Apple set to release iOS 10 in September, it’s likely Google will move to make Android Nougat available to its Nexus–brand smartphones around the same time.



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