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  5. Android now tells you when new device uses your Google account

Android now tells you when new device uses your Google account


Google has revealed a new security feature for Android smartphones which notifies users with a message sent to their handset's homescreen whenever another device is used to sign into their Gmail account.

Until now, Android phone users had to rely on email notifications to see whether a rogue smartphone or tablet had signed into their account.

With heavy filters on Gmail, such messages were wont to get lost in secondary inboxes.

Now though, users will see a notification on their smartphone's screen when a device is paired with their account.

Often this is simply a case of someone signing in on a tablet or laptop when their smartphone is to hand.

However, if it appears the sign-in is suspicious, Android’s revamped notification system allows users to change their password immediately and secure their details, as well as reporting the issue to Google HQ.

Google says such notifications are four times more likely to be reviewed than emails.

The tool is rolling out to Android phones and tablets now, although Google says it could take up to 14 days for it to be available for all Android devices.



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