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Apple Pay coming to websites on your iPhone

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The iPhone and iPad digital wallet app Apple Pay is set to launch on the web, after the tech giant unveiled plans to allow customers to pay for things wherever they see an Apple Pay logo.

The new feature, part of Apple’s new iOS 10 platform which it revealed at yesterday's World Wide Developers' Conference (WWDC) event in San Francisco, means you’ll no longer need to enter credit or debit card information when using your phone to make purchases online.

Instead, when you checkout within Apple’s Safari app you’ll simply be prompted to hold down the Touch ID button on your smartphone or tablet to authenticate your payment.

This will work in the same secure way as paying for goods within apps or in shops.

That means Apple will generate a random number to make your payment and will not transmit your card details.

Apple has signed up big names such as Expedia and United Airlines to help kickstart its improved Apple Pay application.

Retailers will have to take the lead and build Apple Pay authentication into their websites, though, so it could take some time for this feature to roll out.

Apple’s aim is to take on Paypal, which has cornered the market for swift online payments without needing to enter personal information every time you want to buy something.

iOS 10, including changes to Apple Pay, will launch this autumn, with an incomplete, trial version available from July.

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