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iPhone 7: all the parts leaks so far

iphone 7 mock up

Leaked components are a mainstay of the iPhone rumour mill.

A steady trickle of clandestinely obtained electrical parts tends to start around spring, becoming a flood by late summer ahead of the phone's set-in-stone autumn launch event.

This year is no different.

And with Apple said to be planning as many as three new versions of its top–end iPhone for late 2016, including a new iPhone Pro to go alongside the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus, there’s plenty to get excited about.

Here’s what we’ve seen so far.

The chassis

iphone 7 chassis leak

Perhaps the biggest leak of the lot. This chassis part, shared by a Taiwanese case-maker, was snapped on a PC screen.

From the Apple logo to the brushed metal finish, it looks like the real deal.

It also tallies with rumours from supply-chain sources that Apple is lining up a device which does away with the plastic antenna bands from the iPhone 6S. That should translate to a sleeker finish on the rear of the handset.

There’s also space for a larger camera. Talking of which...

The dual lens camera

iPhone 7 dual camera parts leak

Rumours have been rife about Apple’s imaging plans for the iPhone 7.

The major news line relates to plans for a dual lens camera system, one which offers wide and narrow angle lenses in a single package.

This would allow Apple to incorporate camera tech it acquired from an Israeli start-up last year. This ought to spell an improved optical zoom and better low light performance.

However, some analysts reckon Apple will only offer the dual lens camera in the iPhone 7 Plus or ‘iPhone Pro’, leaving the smaller version of the device with a single lens snapper.

Dual speakers

iPhone 7 case leak @onleaks

Case leaks tend to be a good pointer towards what we can expect from a new iPhone.

One from Asia backs up plans for a larger camera set-up, with Apple sticking with a similar design to previous models.

Interestingly, the same case leak also shows plans for a dual speaker system at the bottom of the iPhone 7. This will be achieved by getting rid of the headphone jack.

It’s thought that Apple will instead offer audio via the Lightning charging port or wirelessly via Bluetooth.

Backlight assembly

iPhone 7 backlight sensor

Proof that Apple fanatics will get excited over even the smallest details comes from this leaked backlight part.

Seen back in January, it is almost identical to the one found in the current iPhone 6S.

However, it fired the starting gun on iPhone 7 leaks.

With Apple due to hold a special event on March 21st to show off its latest device, the smaller iPhone SE, attention will soon be focused solely on the iPhone 7.

That means more parts and more gossip as the days get longer.

Want to know more? Head to our iPhone 7 rumours round-up.

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