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iPhone 7: Will Apple call it iPhone 6SE instead?

iphone 6se

Apple may throw its time-honoured iPhone branding policy out of the window for this year's editions, after a series of fresh rumours pointed towards the tech giant dubbing them the 'iPhone 6SE' and 'iPhone 6SE Plus'.

One Chinese leaker claims to have got hold of a working model of Apple’s new iPhone and put it through benchmark tests, aimed at revealing its performance credentials.

But while the device itself, which was widely assumed to be called the iPhone 7, runs at an impressive speed, images show that the device is called the iPhone 6SE within the Geekbench app.

This tallies with other leaks, which were refuted in tech blogs, that showed off WAHT W packaging for an iPhone 6SE. Those images were found to be fakes by Apple-watchers.

Branding the devices iPhone 6SE and iPhone 6SE Plus would make a certain amount of sense.

Not least because the new phones are due to be fairly incremental updates from last year's models.


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