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  5. Google Allo chat app launches for iOS and Android

Google Allo chat app launches for iOS and Android

google allo

Google’s Allo chat app, first revealed at the tech giant’s I/O conference back in May, is available to download now for both Android and iOS.

The app merges standard messaging tools with the chance to chat directly with Google's AI-enabled Assistant.

The latter means you can bring info from across the web into chats without having to leave Allo and search Chrome or another web browser.

In practice, this means you can message the Assistant directly to get weather information, details on travel hold ups and restaurant and bar recommendations.

You can either chat directly or loop the Assistant into chats you’re having with contacts, so you can share information, choose somewhere to eat or work out how to get across town easily.

For restaurant recommendations or cinema listings, you can access Google Maps data and bring up numbers so you can call to make reservations.

The Assistant can also see your chat history and make recommendations based on your previous conversations.

Google will be hoping that the wealth of data it has about its users makes Allo a strong contender in a crowded field.

The app itself is mobile only, unlike Google’s own Hangouts app and rival services such as WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

To use it, simply download from Google Play or the App Store and you’ll see a list of your phone’s contacts with who’s installed Allo on their device.

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