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iPhone 7: Lightning EarPods glitch revealed

iPhone charging lightning connector dock

In ditching the standard headphone slot for its new iPhone 7, Apple’s Phil Schiller claimed the company was showing ‘courage’.

But that bold move appears to have hit its first stumbling block, after it was revealed that the bundled wired headphones which come with the iPhone 7 do not always work properly.

Users have taken to social media to complain about the problem. Testimonies indicate that it flares up when plugged The EarPods have been plugged in for a while. At which point although audio is audible

for a while they can still hear audio, the headphones’ volume dongle stops functioning, meaning they cannot answer calls, tweak sound or use Siri.

Apple has said that it is working on a software fix for the problem, but has not said when rollout will begin.

When testing the iPhone 7, we did not experience the issue and it appears to be an intermittent error affecting only a handful of owners.

However, the problem is likely to increase pressure on Apple at a time when it is under intense scrutiny over the most controversial change it’s ever made to an iPhone.

While it will point towards its wireless AirPods as a solution, the additional cost of those headphones is not likely to appease those who have already paid a heavy price for a brand new smartphone.


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