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iPhone 7 on pre-order and priced at Carphone Warehouse

iPhone 7 camera hero

The iPhone 7 and iPhone Plus have gone on pre-order now at Carphone Warehouse, ahead of their official due date on shop shelves on September 16th.

Perhaps the pick of the Carphone’s deals for the standard 32GB edition of the iPhone 7 is priced £42 per month and £79.99 upfront on Vodafone. That gets you 3GB of data per month, plus unlimited minutes and texts.

Failing that, you can pick it up on O2 for £51.99 per month, with an upfront charge of £59.99 per month. Once again, allowances here are 3GB of data per month and unlimited calls and texts.

If you’re in the market for the iPhone 7 Plus, we’d probably plump for the deal price £42 per month, with £169.99 to pay upfront. That’s also on Vodafone and also includes allowances of 3GB per month and unlimited texts and calls.

Unveiled this week, the iPhone 7 is the first iPhone to be water-resistant (officially, at least), so should mean no more messing about with moisture-absorbing bags and burying your phone in rice when it takes an inopportune dip in the bath.

It’s also got an improved camera, a faster processor and better battery life. You can get up to speed with its key features with our quick guide to the iPhone 7.


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