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  5. Less than a third of Brits use their phone mainly for calls

Less than a third of Brits use their phone mainly for calls

Mobile phone radiation

Less than a third of Brits use their mobile phone mainly for calls, according to a survey from giffgaff.

Instead, we're a nation of texters, with 36 per cent of respondents saying that texting and instant messaging was the primary purpose of their phone. This contrasts with the 29 per cent who said they mainly used their phone for making phone calls.

Web browsing is the third most popular use of a phone, at 16 per cent, while social media came fourth at 11 per cent.

These were followed by playing games (four per cent), taking photos (three per cent) and playing music (one per cent).

The study also found that only 60 per cent of us stay within our monthly mobile allowance, and that – shockingly – 52 per cent of us don't know our allowance for texts, calls and data.

Meanwhile, 75 per cent of us consider value-for-money to be the most important aspect of a contract, but only a third of us take the time to shop around for the best deal.

The study polled 1,500 people, and found that Londoners spend 70 per cent more on their contract than the rest of the country. Those living in the capital also spend 36 per cent more on their handsets when buying them outright.

However, Londoners were also most likely to go over their monthly allowance, with 47 per cent of them admitting doing so.



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