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Galaxy Note 7: 60% exchanged, back on sale October 28th

Figures from U.S. and Korea suggest slow uptake of replacement devices.
Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs S7 screen waterproof

Samsung has confirmed that 57% of Galaxy Note 7 owners in Europe and 60% of owners in the United States and its home country of South Korea have taken advantage of its exchange programme for the faulty smartphone.

The figures suggests that there are still hundreds of thousands of devices out there yet to be exchanged. A week ago Samsung said it had swapped half of the available Galaxy Note 7s in the U.S.

The company says it expects the replacement programme to be complete by mid October, with plans to put the device back on sale on October 28th.

It is now four weeks since Samsung issued a global recall of its new flagship product.

While only a small number of handsets were affected, there is still the potential for the Galaxy Note 7’s battery to overheat and explode. Airlines continue to ask Galaxy Note 7 owners to turn off their devices and inform cabin staff if they have one.

Samsung’s problems have escalated this week after it was claimed in Korea that some replacement models were still overheating and failing to hold their charge.

A spokesman has dismissed the concerns, saying they were not the same battery problems as before and instead related to “mass production issues”.

The company has already seen billions wiped off of its share value and is likely to see a drop in profits because of the manufacturing blunder.

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