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  5. Samsung: Latest Galaxy Note 7 issues not battery related

Samsung: Latest Galaxy Note 7 issues not battery related

samsung galaxy note 7 with box

Samsung says that the latest string of complaints about its Galaxy Note 7 are not related to faults with the device’s battery.

Some Korean customers who had received replacement handsets for their original Galaxy Note 7s said that their new phones were overheating and losing charge even when plugged in.

While the problem has caused Samsung to push back sales of new devices in its home country until October 1st, it has shot down suggestions that it is suffering more battery woes. A spokesman said these “isolated incidents” are “completely unrelated to batteries” and that they were due to “mass production issues”.

Such words are unlikely to prove reassuring to those who've already exchanged their Galaxy Note 7 for a new model in the wake of a string of models exploding while in use.

Samsung is likely to report heavy financial losses and slow smartphone sales in the current quarter because of its Galaxy Note 7 issues.

Source Venture Beat

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