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  5. Samsung Galaxy phones to get better voice activated digital assistant?

Samsung Galaxy phones to get better voice activated digital assistant?

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Samsung has confirmed that it has bought Viv Labs, a virtual assistant created by the same team which developed Apple’s Siri service.

The move means that Samsung will have a powerful rival to both Siri and Google’s new Assistant function, which takes centre stage in the latter’s new Pixel and Pixel XL handsets.

Viv is widely regarded by tech-watchers as a more powerful and impressive virtual assistant than its rivals.

It's seen as having a better understanding of natural language patterns and its machine learning is purported to be able to offer more context-aware recommendations and more human–like interaction.

The deal marks the latest step in the wider Artificial Intelligence (AI) boom on smartphones.

Companies including Facebook, Amazon and Apple are all investing heavily in tools which can second guess users and help them make life easier.

The team behind Viv worked for Apple for two years after selling Siri to the California-based company in 2010.

It is not yet clear when Samsung will include Viv in any soon-to-land smartphones, with the deal still to clear regulatory hurdles.

However, with new, bendable smartphones due next year, don’t be surprised to see it roll out to top–end devices very soon.



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