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  5. Samsung giving out credit to Galaxy Note 7 owners

Samsung giving out credit to Galaxy Note 7 owners

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs S7 screen waterproof

Samsung is handing out credit to smartphone owners affected by its decision to recall and cancel production of the glitch-ridden Galaxy Note 7, in a gesture intended to persuade them to stick with the brand.

Owners of the faulty smartphone in the US are being offered $100 to turn in their handsets. This money can be put towards another Samsung phone, such as the Galaxy S7.

Those who’ve already swapped their phones can get $75 credit. Somewhat astonishingly, Samsung is also giving $25 credit to those who want to return their phones and replace it with a handset from a rival manufacturer.

This raises the prospect of Samsung funding the purchase of iPhones and Google’s Pixel smartphones.

There is no word on whether Samsung will strike a similar deal with consumer rights groups here in the UK.

The move comes as Samsung revealed it expects to lose around £2.5 billion between now and the first quarter of 2017.

The company is set to launch a new Galaxy S8 handset in the early part of next year, which it hopes will help put it back on the road to success.



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