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  5. Samsung killing off Galaxy Note brand, according to reports

Samsung killing off Galaxy Note brand, according to reports

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 side on hero

Samsung looks set to kill off its Galaxy Note brand completely, in a move intended to improve quality control across its wider smartphone range.

Reports in the tech giant’s home country of Korea suggest that suppliers have been told that they will not be receiving orders for a second flagship smartphone in 2017.

Samsung has adhered to a strategy of bringing two flagship phones to market every year since 2010: a Galaxy S model in spring and a Galaxy Note handset in late summer.

The move is being interpreted as a way for the company to ‘ensure product quality’, in the wake of major manufacturing problems with the latest Note 7 smartphone.

Samsung will doubtless be hoping that by training its attention on just one new product, it won’t suffer the same battery issues which led to it having halt production of the Galaxy Note 7 earlier this month.

Recent rumours suggest Samsung will launch its new Galaxy S8 smartphone in February, ahead of the annual Mobile World Congress event in Barcelona.

There has be little word of late about the company’s next-generation Project Valley smartphones that are said to feature folding screens.

These had been pegged for early 2017, but it seems they could be delayed if Samsung is indeed looking to launch one flagship phone per year.


Korea Herald

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