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Galaxy S8 rumoured to include 3D Touch-style pressure-sensitive display

Samsung Galaxy s8 concept front and back

Samsung is rumoured to be adding a pressure-sensitive display to next year’s Galaxy S8 phone in an attempt to rival Apple’s 3D Touch technology.

Apple introduced this feature with the iPhone 6s in 2015, and also included it in the Apple Watch, the iPhone 7 range and newer MacBooks.

Instead of just registering that you’ve touched the screen like standard touchscreens, 3D Touch technology senses how hard you press on it.

Press down for a second longer and harder than usual on an app icon and a handy options menu of shortcuts will appear.

Depending on the app, the shortcuts will enable you to do things like write a message to one of your frequent contacts or take a super-quick selfie without having to load up the relevant app to do it.

Apple users have been enjoying 3D Touch functionality for over a year now, but Samsung’s 2016 flagship phones don’t have anything comparable.

Not wanting to be behind the curve, Samsung is currently considering the addition of a pressure-sensitive display to its 2017 model, according to sources cited by South Korean business site The Investor.

News of Samsung’s plans comes amid rumours the Galaxy S8 will feature an iris scanner for an extra layer of security, a voice activated assistant and an expansive edge-to-edge screen.

Want more? We’ve collated all the speculation surrounding the Galaxy S8 on our one-stop rumours round-up.

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