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Apple AirPods: Replacement cost for lost headphones revealed


Apple has revealed that owners of its newly released AirPods wireless headphones will have to pay $69 to replace a lost ear bud.

UK pricing has not been revealed, but with the headphones costing $159 across the pond and £159 on these shores, the replacement cost is likely to be £69 here.

That may give many users pause before they buy Apple’s latest product. The headphones are not connected by a cable and although they have a special charging case, could be very easy to lose.

AirPods are not covered by AppleCare+ insurance, but do come with a one year warranty.

Apple launched the AirPods alongside the iPhone 7, having decided to ditch the traditional headphone slot from its flagship smartphone.

They were originally due for release in October, but Apple was forced to delay, possibly due to manufacturing issues. The headphones finally launched online this week and will be available in Apple stores from 19th December.

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