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iPhone 7 AirPods available now


Apple has confirmed that its long–delayed AirPods, designed to work with its new iPhone 7 as well as older smartphones, are available to buy online from today. They ship next week and will be available in Apple stores before Christmas.

The company had planned to release the earbuds in October after launching them alongside the iPhone 7 in September. However, manufacturing issues are thought to have held up a product,9 bc which is being touted as a replacement for traditional headphones.

Apple ditched the standard headphone slot from the iPhone 7, with company executive Phil Schiller saying the move showed ‘courage’ on Apple’s part. It has meant, however, that users cannot charge their device and listen to music through wired headphones at the same time.

AirPods are designed to change that, with easy connectivity via a single tap thanks to iPhones being able to recognise when the headphones are close by.

However, at £159, they are a costly proposition. And with no wire to connect each ear bud, the chances of losing them seem extremely high.

It’s thought Samsung might offer a similar product in the New Year, with reports suggesting it too is getting rid of the headphone slot on its next generation Galaxy S8.

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