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Super Mario Run for iPhone available now


Nintendo’s long–awaited Super Mario Run has finally landed on the App Store. It’s the first time gamers have been able to play as the classic character on Apple’s iPhone and iPad.

The game is a one–handed platform title that was trailed earlier in the year by Nintendo and Apple. And it looks set to emulate the success of Pokemon Go, the Japanese gaming giant’s other smash hit mobile title of 2016.

Super Mario Run is available to download and play for free. To access every level, gamers can pay £9.99 rather than stumping up for in–app purchases.

Last week, Apple made the game available at its own stores, in an attempt to entice customers buying iPhones and iPads in the run up to Christmas.

Nintendo says that Super Mario Run will land on Android phones in 2017, with plans to launch other classic titles, including Animal Crossing.

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