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Three Wuntu customer rewards app launched


Three has unveiled a new customer rewards app, designed to give its customers weekly sweeteners on top of their contracts.

Called Wuntu, it’s available to download now on Apple's app store and Google Play. Three has for a long time trailed behind the EE, Vodafone and O2 when it comes to giving out extras. There will be new special offers every Thursday.

On its website, the network said, “Having listened to feedback from customers, Wuntu is the start of something special. Rewards and offers designed for you.

“In time, the more you use Wuntu the better it gets at knowing what you want. Whether it’s a free drink at just the right time, or limited edition trainers before anyone else gets to know.”

The first offer, available now, sees users given the chance to win one of 80 free return flights to Europe. You’ll be prompted to register for Wuntu when you save or redeem your first offer.

Three has teamed up with a number of major brands including the AA, Uber,, Deezer, FitBit and Vue. That means you could potentially score cheap take out, a better music streaming deal or money off gadgets.

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