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WhatsApp won't work on older phones from end of 2016

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WhatsApp has reiterated its plans to stop supporting a string of older smartphones by the end of 2016, although select handsets have had a stay of execution until June 2017.

Updating a statement it released in February this year, WhatsApp said that owners of older BlackBerry and Nokia Symbian devices will still be able to use its messaging tool until next summer.

However, Windows Phone 7 smartphones, phones running Android 2.1 and the iPhone 3GS will no longer work with the Facebook–owned messaging and Wi-Fi calling service by the end of the year.

iPhones and iPads running the ageing iOS 6 version of Apple's operating system will also no longer be supported.

The result is that many users of older devices will either have to upgrade their software or be forced to buy a new smartphone.

WhatsApp says the cull of older phones will clear the way for new features it's planning to bring to the service in 2017, as it looks to take on Apple’s iMessage and Google’s plethora of messaging apps.

The company launched a video calling tool earlier this year.



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