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  5. Galaxy Note 7: Faulty batteries caused explosions, report concludes

Galaxy Note 7: Faulty batteries caused explosions, report concludes

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 vs S7 screen waterproof

An internal report by Samsung has concluded that faulty batteries were to blame for the explosion of a small number of Galaxy Note 7 devices, leading to the global discontinuation and recall of the flagship smartphone.

Details of the report, which is not due to be released until 23rd January, have been released by an unnamed inside source at the Korean tech company.

They say that Samsung has proved definitively that its hardware and software were not at fault. However, Samsung will not blame third party manufacturers, with one analyst saying he believed Samsung didn’t make enough room for the battery.

Samsung’s mobile chief, Koh Dong–jin, will officially reveal the company’s findings next week, when, the source says, he’ll also explain how Samsung is planning on preventing similar issues occurring in future handsets.

Next month, Samsung is expected to unveil its new Galaxy S8 smartphone, which is set to go on sale in April. The firm will be desperate to put the Note 7’s failing’s behind it, after it apparently cost a total of $5.2 billion in profits.

The Galaxy S8 promises to be the company’s best smartphone yet, with a new fingerprint scanner, dual lens camera and biometric scanning tech.

Source Reuters

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