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  5. LG G6 appears online weeks ahead of launch

LG G6 appears online weeks ahead of launch


The LG G6, not due to make an official appearance until February’s Mobile World Congress, has been seen for the first time since rumours about the device began emerging at the start of the year.

The leaked image gives a clear look at the thin bezel design and curved corners of the device’s display.

However, as it only depicts the top of the handset, there’s still no clear look at the mooted 18:9 screen. LG has already revealed plans for this new approach to smartphone screens, aimed at taking advantage of Google Android’s new split screen app view.

As well as the picture, insiders have also revealed that the LG G6 will be made from metal and glass, with the Korean company ditching the cheap plastic look found in its previous top–end models.

What’s more, it’s said to come with a standard headphone slot, something missing on Apple’s iPhone 7 and unlikely to feature in Samsung’s forthcoming Galaxy S8. A dual lens camera is set to complete the package.

LG has already invited media to a special event in Barcelona on 26th February, when the G6 is set to be given its official launch.

Source The Verge

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