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  5. EU roaming charges could return for UK mobile users

EU roaming charges could return for UK mobile users

High costs could be back by 2019, according to new report.
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UK mobile users may have to pay roaming charges when travelling in the European Union (EU) from 2019, despite the fact that fees are due to be outlawed from June this year.

A report by the European parliament’s industry, research and energy committee, written in January, says that “regulation (EU) No 531/2012 on roaming will no longer apply with respect to the UK, impacting business and other travellers to and from the UK".

This will occur when Britain formally leaves the union.

The report also forecasts that “transitional arrangements will be necessary". Although quite what they'll be is anyone's guess at the moment.

It is only a week since the EU announced that a final deal had been struck on fees paid between networks, allowing an official end to exorbitant roaming rates.

Those travelling from one EU country to another will pay their local rate from 15th June.

It is not clear whether UK networks would be able to negotiate roaming deals with their European partners.

Some networks, including Three, already offer free roaming elsewhere in the world, including the USA, meaning there is potential for the issue to be smoothed over.

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