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Spotify Hi–Fi: New high quality service in testing

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Spotify is testing a new high quality version of its streaming service, offering users the ability to play tunes in lossless audio.

Dubbed Spotify Hi–Fi, the service appears to be a direct rival to Tidal’s high–end offering. Offering lossless audio has long been the latter’s unique selling point.

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A number of US users have reported being offered the chance to try Spotify Hi–Fi, some at an additional $5 a month, others for $10.

This seems to be so–called A/B testing to discover how much extra users would be willing to pay for improved sound quality.

When users clicked to upgrade, they were told that Spotify Hi–Fi was not yet available.

The Swedish streaming company has said that it has “no news to share at this time”.

But with Android devices’ USB–C connections and Apple’s Lightning headphones capable of offering improved audio playback, it may only be a matter of weeks before we see a new version of the Spotify app.


The Verge

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