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Galaxy S8 Bixby voice assistant delayed until late June?

Samsung Galaxy S8 Bixby in action

Bixby, Samsung’s voice assistant for the Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus, may not launch until late June, despite promises it would be available this spring.

The service, aimed at taking on Apple's Siri and Google Assistant, was billed as one of the core features of the Galaxy S8 when it launched earlier this year.

Want the inside line on Bixby? Here's five keys things you need to know.

Building on technology it acquired from Viv Labs least year, Bixby reputedly learns better from users' habits than rival services and is able to answer contextual questions and offer impressive location–based reminders.

Now though, sources say it has been held back because it’s struggling to get to grips with English language grammar and syntax.

In the meantime, Galaxy S8 owners can instead use Google Assistant to make voice requests.

Google’s service, which landed on iPhones earlier this year, is widely regarded as the best virtual assistant for smartphones. Until we can properly assess Bixby, that is.



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