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  5. iOS 11 brings NFC support to more apps

iOS 11 brings NFC support to more apps


Apple’s just-unveiled iOS 11 is giving up more of its secrets, after developers discovered plans for a new ‘Core NFC’ feature that was not revealed during the company’s WWDC launch event earlier this week.

NFC, or Near Field Communications, is the technology that enables you to swip your iPhone over a reader to pay for goods and services via Apple Pay and to check in at the airport using virtual boarding passes.

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Until now, third parties have not been able to use NFC on the iPhone. But with Core NFC, that’s all set to change.

Apple is now allowing developers to create apps that can interact with NFC tags.

The result is that consumers could tap their iPhone on movie ads to watch trailers, or connect to Bluetooth headphones or speakers by merely touching the two devices together.

The biggest change is likely to see banking apps allow users to make payments from within their apps and London’s Oyster card offered as a direct payment option on iPhone, bypassing Apple Pay altogether.

Of course, such tech is nothing new. Android phones have supported NFC for years, while Apple only introduced NFC to the iPhone range with 2014’s iPhone 6.

iOS 11 is out for developers now, with a final release for consumers expected in September.



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