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HTC U11+ officially unveiled


The HTC U11 + is official. The just-announced handset features a larger display than the original HTC U11, but in a refined design that looks far sleeker and sharper.

The HTC U11 + display clocks in at 6 inches, up from 5.5 inches on the HTC U11. However, the handset is barely larger than its predecessor, thanks to the Taiwanese mobile-maker shifting the device’s handset to the rear of the phone and trimming the bezels right down.

The result is a premium smartphone from HTC that finally looks as if it can match the might of Apple and Samsung.

Beneath the Quad HD+ screen sits a large 3.930mAh battery, while the Edge Sense feature which debuted on the U11 is also here.

That allows users to access features by pressing the side of the phone, from bringing up the virtual assistant to opening the front–facing camera.

It can also be tweaked to work with different apps, meaning you can potentially use it for zooming into maps without obscuring the screen itself.

HTC U11 Plus and U11 Life in-hand hero size

There’s the same 12 megapixel camera found in the U11, BoomSound speakers and access to Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and HTC’s own Sense Companion.

And perhaps best of all, it comes with Android Oreo preinstalled, a result of HTC selling its device business to Google earlier this year.

Pre–orders kick off on 20th November, with a SIM–free price tag of £699.

Alongside the '+' edition of the U11, HTC also unveiled a slimmed-down take on the U11 dubbed the U11 Life. Find out how it compares to its bigger brothers, with our one-stop guide.

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